She’s so hurt. She is one who does not know what she suffers from, or why, or how to overcome it. She is all unconscious, motion, music. She is afraid to see, to analyze her nature. She thinks that nature just is and that nothing can be done about it. She would have never invented ships to conquer the sea, machines to create light where there was darkness. She would never have harnessed water power, electric power. She is like the primitive. She thinks it is all beyond her power. She accepts chaos. She suffers mutely.
― Anaïs Nin, Ladders To Fire (via freyjageist)

delinquent-reich since Sunday morning. Which just so happens to be the day after I made out with him :(

If someone kisses you, tells you they like you, checks if you got home safe, makes sure they’re the last person to say good night and the first person to say good morning and calls you beautiful and stuff and suddenly stops talking to you what does that mean?

Have I been played? AGAIN.

I refuse to be vulnerable again.

Feeling very fragile today. I have no one to talk to.